Manifesting Success with Animalhouse Fitness, the Creators of Monkey Feet

November 19, 2021 is adding a new training tool to our at-home workouts, and it’s one we think you’ll love. Consider the level that your Virtual Fit Workout has progressed to, and take it up a notch. This blog is a special in partnership with Animal House Fitness.

Animalhouse Fitness is the creator of Monkey Feet, a simple to use attachment for any type of dumb bell. Creator Evan Gubera describes it as a snowboard binding that a user can adjust and secure to their shoe, with a dumbbell in the heel. It sounds simple, but that might be the secret to the company’s quick rise to success. 

Animalhouse just reached its first year in business, and the product is already among e-commerce site Shopify’s top 1% of growing brands. Evan says within the first year, Monkey Feet earned the company nearly $8 Million in revenue. Highly praised by studio and at-home users, Monkey Feet are also getting kudos from podcasters and pros like Joe Rogan, who says he bought a few for his home-gym. 

“We literally got the whole design kind of from a snowboard binding. Hopefully there’s no legal trouble for saying that.” 

Evan is also a professional boxer. He came up with the idea for Monkey Feet as he was rehabbing an injury. He took the brainchild to his partner and Co-Founder Paul Jackson, a professional engineer. Paul designed the prototype and they hit the market.

“My buddy, and Co-Founder Paul Jackson - I brought a snowboard binding over to his house. And I was like, ‘Okay, we can make it just like this. Like hear me out.’ And we started playing with the binding.”

 Read more about their backstory here. is always looking for the latest in industry innovation. The Monkey Feet attachment’s unique design allows a user to focus on specific muscle groups and create higher resistance. As you progress through your Virtual Fit Workouts, you may notice a performance plateau. That’s where this guy comes in. 



MonkeyFeet can be used at home or in the gym. 

The ability to work from home is likely more important to people now than ever, following a global pandemic that forced millions all over the world into lockdown. With’s virtual personal training studio, Virtual Fit Workouts can be done anywhere with a webcam, computer, or cell phone, and our unique Zoom link. 

Monkey Feet transform many open kinetic chain exercises into closed chain exercises by requiring the user to rely on their own bodyweight to stabilize the movement. Closed kinetic chain exercises rely on the body’s ability to stabilize itself, while open chain relies on a piece of equipment to stabilize the body. That’s why this product is perfect for use at home, or in a crowded gym. 

We hear from women who struggle with their knees, hips, and back, and our first question is usually, “do you lift weights?” Strengthening your muscles takes much of the *literal* weight off of your joints, as you’re relying on them to do all the work. But, we live in a culture that would rather prescribe and diagnose chronic diseases and disorders than tell someone they should lose weight by starting a strength training program, especially if you're over 40.   

Virtual Fit Workouts can include a few pieces of equipment. Five to 25 lb. dumbbells, resistance bands, Gliding Disks, and a yoga mat. If a client is missing any or all of the equipment, we train using our bodyweight.   

MonkeyFeet are the one of the first of what we hope to be many new developments in the fitness industry that allow consumers from at-home users to professionals the ability to develop and perform scientifically backed training programs with tools designed for use anywhere.